Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the so-called STEM subjects – are rather boring and not much fun for students at school? Too few boys and especially girls want to pursue a study or a further career in any of these subjects. Let’s change this through the joy of movement!

cosinuss° is one of the partners in the “STEM on the Move” research and innovation project to put Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in practice and make them more fun and vivid for students in schools. The goal of the project is to develop four movement-based STEM learning modules for schools:

  • STEM by Throwing: Throwing items like heavy balls will be equipped with sensors to measure throwing parameters and visualize them on tablets or smartphones to make the physics behind throwing more tangible and active at the same time.
  • STEM by Swimming: A waterproof in-ear sensor will be used to collect physical and biological data during swimming which can later be visually displayed and further analyzed. Students will get an impression of biological processes of the human body as well as their understanding for physical occurrences such as the law of forces is enhanced. Beyond that, students have the possibility to analyze and assess their swimming technique and identify possible improvements towards a more efficient style of swimming following the “learning by doing principle”.
  • STEM by Cycling: This module aims to teach students how to cycle and fix bicycles as well as the physics and mechanics of cycling.

The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research where cosinuss° will collaborate with partners of the international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i) to pursue the development of the swimming and the throwing module. cosinuss° patented ear-connect technology will be used and integrated into the swimming module in particular.

The international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i) is a network that brings together enthusiastic innovators and competent partners to create and stimulate innovations in the field of sports, health and physical activity. The core focus is to bring more joy of movement into the world. Industry and research partners from Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Japan and South Africa participate in the “STEM on the Move” Project.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research International Sports-Innovation-Network

Update 2021: STEM on the move – cosinuss° keeps it running

Beginning of November an initiative in the Olympia swimming pool in Munich was planned where students of the ninth grade were supposed to learn about STEM subjects as well as swimming techniques “on the play”. cosinuss° intended to participate by setting up a working station for the students and providing their in-ear sensing device in combination with pre-defined exercises for them. However, due to the current pandemic situation the planned event had to fall through, nevertheless, an alternative date in April 2022 has already been fixed. In order to promote the STEM project anyway, a round table compliant to Corona rules was organized and carried out by the Innovationsmanufaktur, another partner of the STEM on the Move project.

cosinuss STEM Meeting

cosinuss°, represented by Katharina Adams (division “Business and Development”) and Fiona von der Straten (division “Electrical Engineering”) happily took this opportunity to present their planned workshop for the students and their newly developed in-ear sensor specifically designed for the STEM swimming module. Among the heterogeneous crew of participants from different backgrounds, Mister Harald Fisch, CEO of the initiative “MINT Zukunft schaffen”, stuck out due to his enthusiasm and willingness to support the presented project. Under the bottom line, all of the participants were on the same page concerning the importance of promoting innovative learning methods in combination with encouraging students to exercise – nowadays even more than ever. cosinuss° keeps it running and is not only looking forward to the swimming workshop in April but also to bringing the swimming module to schools in Madrid and Menorca.