cosinuss° goes professional – workshop with pro triathlete Dominik Sowieja

Professional athletes are not only idols for young and old but also inspiring to challenge oneself in all kinds of sports to push the personal boundaries to new levels. cosinuss° had the pleasure to meet the triathlete Dominik Sowieja for one day in the Olympia swimming pool in Munich. Dominik is not only one of the top triathletes in the Ironman distance, but also an inspiring young man who works as an engineer at Festo Didactic in Stuttgart. Combining his passion for sports and his curiosity of how to improve constantly, he uses technology to track and understand his physical performance. In this sense, he represents the STEM on the move idea and is very eager to share his experiences with students with the purpose of getting them thrilled to not only do sports but get curious about the science behind physical activities. To this end, cosinuss° organized this day consisting of an interview, lots of swimming activities with the cosinuss° sensor as well as a Q&A session, where Dominik answered questions directly from students. This has been an inspiring event and cosinuss° is happy to share a video documentation of this day via the STEM on the move platform, which cosinuss° developed specifically for the purpose of sharing STEM contents with schools, teachers and STEM on the move supporters.

Further information about Dominik can be found on his website as well as his Instagram profile: @dominiksowieja