Study: Remote monitoring in cancer therapy with the cosinuss° Two

Remote monitoring of vital signs in cancer patients Monitoring cancer therapy in everyday life? - An interdisciplinary project on sensor technology and app-based questioning: Detecting Therapy Effectiveness Early and Enhancing Quality of Life. A cooperation between the AG Medizininformatik at Reutlingen University and the Center for Personalized Medicine [...]



Covid-19 predictors: safety of gynecologic oncology patients receiving systemic cancer therapy. There are types of cancer that are particularly common in women or, due to anatomical conditions, can only occur in women. These include, among others, breast cancer and ovarian cancerCancer Facts for Women | Most Common [...]


STUDY: Telecovid – Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19

Within the framework of a first-in-class study in Munich, cosinuss° provides the pioneering biosensor technology to monitor low and medium risk patients of COVID-19, who are in home isolation. The clinical study is initiated and led by Prof. Dr. Med. Georg Schmidt, head of the Biosignal Analysis Working Group, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich.