Data acquisition

In-ear sensors

c-med° alpha

The c-med° alpha combines two medical measuring devices in one: thermometer and pulse oximeter.


The degree° is a small, convenient infrared ear thermometer for children.


The °One is a powerful fitness tracker. Used by competitive athletes in a wide range of disciplines.


The °Two is a multi-parameter sensor in the ear. Often used in scientific and medical studies.


The °Temp is a reliable temperature tracker in the ear. Often used in scientific studies.

Data you can trust. Mobile & continuous.

The higher the quality of the data acquisition, the more reliable the results of the analysis. Therefore, we have invested over 15 years in researching, developing and optimizing our minimalistic in-ear sensors to maximize data quality, starting with the raw PPG data. After all, data collection of vital signs is the first important step for medical professionals or artificial intelligence (AI) to derive insights about health.

  • High accuracy & reliability
  • Excellent raw data acquisition
  • Easy to use & comfortable
  • Small & lightweight
  • Built for integration
  • Quality scoring of vital signs
  • Mobile & continuous core body temperature measurement

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