The new medical ear thermometer for children

Kontinuierliche Temperatu

The solution for managing body temperature

degree° is a combination between a wearable in-ear thermometer and an assisting app, offering a better temperature monitoring with:

  • continuous measurement of the body temperature
  • automatic temperature diary
  • accurate display of live measurements

Continuously taking the temperature in your child‘s ear

The first true innovation in fever thermometers for over 150 years

One-time application

The new degree° thermometer for kids is guiding the placement of the thermometer device in the ear by its ergonomic design. A good placement of the infrared sensor is key for an accurate measurement of the body temperature. After you once applied the device, your kid can wear this small, light and soft thermometer in her ear as long as she is in a feverish condition.

Einfaches Anlegen des Kinderthermometers am Ohr für eine durchgehende Temperaturmessung
MockUps der Smartphone App mit Temperaturanzeige des degree Thermometers

Always recognize the temperature trend immediately

The temperature curve inside the app shows the temperature zones from normal to increased to fever in a green, yellow and red colour. The LED on the back of thermometer shows the same corresponding colours. Now you can always keep an eye on your child‘s body temperature anytime and anywhere without measuring it.

Convenient temperature taking

The lightweight thermometer fits securely in children‘s ears during day and night. The wearable is very well tolerated thanks to skin-friendly material und ultra low radiation. The long-lasting battery life of 5+ days guarantees an unworried usage in times of fever.

Das Kinderthermometer sitzt angenehm und sicher im Kinderohr.

Fight fever right

Knowing when to talk about fever and what to do is depending on many indicators such as age, gender and actual disease. Inside the degree app, you can observe the temperature measurements in detail and use the fever diary for comparisons. The continuous temperature curve can show you which treatments worked best .

Your kid has a temperature?

Then you have a story to tell.

Das degree Thermometer in der Ladebox

P hysicians will tell you to take your child‘s temperature every hour no matter if day or night. All values should be noted down manually to compare them afterwards.

The degree° thermometer will do that automatically without bothering you and your child every hour. Taking the temperature has never been easier and more safe.

The first febrile seizure came without warning. My child was very devoted that night, but i did not know, if that was because of it‘s teeth or due to an infection. The degree° thermometer helped me to monitor the temperature better and therefore to find out which treatment worked best.

Nina W., Mother

In the beginning i was quite skeptical, if my daughter will tolerate the thermometer in her ear. But just as i applied the soft device to her ear, she already forgot about it. Degree° is a clever combinationof technology and convenience. A useful wearable in my opinion.

Kinder lieben das lustige Thermometer im Ohr. Eshilft Ihnen schneller gesund zu werden.Christian W., Father

The main trigger for a seizure are changes in temperature. Especially at night we never found a bareable solution to monitor the temperature. Most of the seizures happened sadly at night while she was sleeping. Degree° is a great assistance to see the temperature trending while your child is sleeping.

Lulie R., Dravet-syndrom caretaker

Degree° is a great invention made by a passionate team. After experiencing the first complicated febrile seizures of my son, i was constantly bothering him with those old fashioned medical thermometers. Thanks to degree we can now automatically take the temperature in feverish times. Both of us can now recover stress free.

Anett F., Mother

A thermometer made from parents for parents

Always keeping an eye on your child’s body temperature has never been easier.
degree° will help you to understand how to fight fever right.

Kinder lieben das lustige Thermometer im Ohr. Eshilft Ihnen schneller gesund zu werden.

A reliable thermometer for children in everyday life

Accurate measurements in real-life conditions, that is what you can expect of degree°.

How accurate is the temperature?

The degree° in-ear thermometer is pre-calibrated and uses a thermal infrared sensor that passively measures the heat radiation of the eardrum, plus the radiated heat of the surrounding auditory canal. In this way it is then possible to determine the absolute temperature of the measured object, i.e. the eardrum. The body temperature shall be measured with an accuracy of +/- 0,3 °C within the range of 34,0 °C to 43,0 °C.

Die degree App zeigt den Verlauf der Körpertemperatur in Echtzeit

Is the thermometer easy to use?

The medical thermometer degree° is addressed to non-professional persons, such as parents who want to easily monitor their child‘s temperature. The intuitive product design, the high usability and the practical descriptions do ensure a correct and safe handling. The colored temperature displays on the device and in the app let you recognize the temperature quickly during day and night. The measurements and the data storage are configured to work out of the box.

Body temperature knowledge

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degree° – the medical thermometer for the next generation

Das degree Thermometer in der Ladebox

The medical product degree° only shall be used to measure continuously and in a non-invasive way the body temperature in the human auditory ear canal. As a reusable and wearable device, it is intended for home use on children and adult people innovating the way of tracking  and taking the temperature.

  • live temperature readings
  • always ready to use
  • easy to operate
  • no hidden costs
  • free updates

The founding parents behind the technology Start-Up

cosinuss° is a high-tech company based in Munich that is launching degree°, the first portable thermometer on the market that continuously and uninterruptedly measures and records body temperature.

Where does this idea come from?

One day, the three-year-old daughter of the two founders Greta and Johannes Kreuzer received a viral infection that led to a fever cramp. Although they measured the temperature hourly, they could not foresee the fever. Because the decisive factor for a fever cramp is a sudden and rapid rise in temperature – not a single measured value.

“This experience, but also the fact that about 30% of the children who have already had a fever cramp at least once again cramp, has moved us to think about it. After all, we run a company that concentrates on the mobile measurement of vital parameters.” – Greta Kreuzer

Greta und Johannes Kreuzer, die Erfinder des tragbaren Fieberthermometers für Kinderohren

The graduate in business administration and the doctorate engineer in medical technology then invented a continuously measuring clinical thermometer with their cosinuss° development team, which was specially adapted for children and can be worn day and night.

“We already had the right measuring technology in-house. The challenge was to adapt the fit to toddlers and make it so ergonomic that the toddlers could sleep with it”. – Johannes Kreuzer

The result is degree°, a small and portable thermometer that continuously measures the body temperature in the ear.

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