Mobile monitoring of vital signs inside the ear

In-ear sensors, minicomputers, software and algorithms for vital data acquisition and processing.

  • Core body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Breathing rate

Remote Vital Signs Monitoring System

Illustration of the cosinuss° remote vital signs monitoring system including all hardware and software components and their interfaces.

cosinuss° offers a complete vital signs monitoring system from continuous data acquisition through data transmission to data access and data analysis. The system can be accessed at any point via standardized or customizable interfaces. In this way, individual components or the entire monitoring solution can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of third-party systems.

The cosinuss° monitoring technology can be divided into four different areas. Each area has a specific product range with customized solutions that adapt to a wide range of applications:

  • Data acquisition with in-ear sensors
  • Data transmission with small computers
  • Data access via powerful servers
  • Data analysis with algorithms for complex evaluations

Configuration & application options

Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous remote monitoring of vital signs of patients who are at home.

Home Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of own vital parameters at home.

Fever Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of a child's body temperature during febrile illness.

Product portfolio

Data acquisition

In-ear sensors

Reliable, convenient measurement. High accuracy in raw data acquisition.

Data transmission

Gateway solutions

Stationary, mobile or on the smartphone. Stable and secure data transmission.

Data access

cosinuss° Health Platform

Secure access to the data. All projects at a glance.

Data analysis

Advanced data analysis

Powerful algorithms and indication-specific calculations.

Integration possibilities

Technology integration

The individual hardware components (incl. firmware) of the cosinuss° technology can be individually integrated into third-party systems.

For example, the integration of cosinuss° measurement sensors into existing headphones.


Customized adaptations of cosinuss° products enable seamless integration into existing third-party solutions.

For example, adaptations of the user interface.

Developer SDK

A wide range of options for customization using the cosinuss° interfaces, technical documentation and support.

For example, the connection of raw data from the cosinuss° in-ear sensors via a Rest API.


Are you a healthcare provider looking for real-time monitoring solutions? Are you a research institution conducting monitoring studies? Or are you a digital health company developing mobile applications for medical technologies?