cosinuss° goes professional 2.0 – workshop with former pro cyclist Gerrit Glomser

It has really been an honor that former pro cyclist and today owner of the company “GAIRRIT” Gerrit Glomser made an effort to travel from Austria to the cosinuss° facilities in order to participate in the STEM on the move workshop. Gerrit has been a successful professional athlete for many years until he decided to focus on pushing his self-founded company “GAIRRIT”. He is now one of the experts when it comes to high altitude training, with an amazing knowledge about the human physiology and the impact of training on one’s individual performance. In this way he has really lived what STEM on the move is trying to teach students. By understanding his own body and his individual performance through technological devices, Gerrit has used his knowledge about science and sports to become a successful owner of a company. At cosinuss° he used the cosinuss° in-ear sensor during cycling activities, showing great interest in the change of vital signs during different levels of intensity. Moreover, he was happy to answer lots of questions not only from the cosinuss° team but also from students, about his life, his career and his opinion of the importance of sports and STEM subjects in school. Gerrit was as much of an inspiration as a pleasure to work with and cosinuss° is looking forward to continuing to work on several projects together with the former pro cyclist.

Further information about Gerrit and his enterprise “GAIRRIT” can be found on his website as well as his Instagram profile: @gairrit.hoehentraining