Cutting-edge technology made in Bavaria – hidden champion in the field of mobile patient monitoring

Munich, 13.09.2023 – cosinuss° provides the latest cutting-edge technology for the Oktoberfest 2023 to ensure continuous and mobile patient monitoring and universal access to vital signs of patients.

Cooperation with the AICHER AMBULANZ UNION

cosinuss° is cooperating with the AICHER AMBULANZ UNION at this year’s Oktoberfest and equipping all stretchers as well as the inpatient areas with the latest technology – consisting of the in-ear sensor c-med° alpha and the cosinuss° Health App. In this way, patients can be continuously monitored during transport in the stretchers, as well as those in the treatment area of the medical station. cosinuss° is very pleased to support the AICHER AMBULANZ UNION in its mission to further improve the quality of medical care at the Wiesn.

c-med° alpha and cosinuss° Health App

The c-med° alpha is a small, 6.5 g light sensor that can be worn in the ear and continuously measures core body temperature, oxygen saturation, perfusion and pulse rate. In the cosinuss° Health App, the recorded vital parameters and quality indicators are clearly displayed. Thanks to its location, constant blood flow and positioning, the auditory canal offers decisive advantages over other measurement sites for optical measurements. In addition, the proximity to the brain can be relevant for the interpretation of the measured values.

In recent years, in-ear sensors have been used successfully in various pilot projects and studies. For example, COVID-19 and oncology patients were monitored remotely and the suitability of the sensors for mountain and air rescue was tested. The reliability and accuracy of the measurements, the small and lightweight design of the sensor and its ease of use were particularly convincing.

Accompanying study of the INM

The use of the technology provided by cosinuss° to record vital signs during this year’s Oktoberfest will be accompanied by a study conducted by the Institute for Emergency Medicine and Medical Management (INM) at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

Thus, this collaboration of Bavarian pioneers promises not only to significantly improve the safety and medical care of all Wiesn visitors, but also to become a true Bavarian success story.

About cosinuss°

Cosinuss GmbH is a certified medical device manufacturer based in Munich, Germany, specializing in mobile and continuous monitoring of various vital parameters. With more than 15 years of research and development, numerous patents and medically certified products, cosinuss° is a pioneer and hidden champion in the field of mobile and continuous vital parameter monitoring. cosinuss° follows the vision to revolutionize the monitoring and recording of vital signs in healthcare – with the goal to improve the treatment and thus the life of patients and to provide the tools to make healthcare more efficient and effective.

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