As a mother of three children I am very often confronted with the question how I should treat a fever. The first time I had to think about it the situation seemed to be pretty awful. My son was a few months old and had a very high body temperature and was apparently suffering from it. So where to get help as to what to do now?

My first thought was: What did my parents do when I had a temperature? Since I am the youngest in my family I couldn´t witness what they did with my siblings. So I tried to think back and all I knew was:

  1. They were taking my body temperature regularly to see how my temperature changes.
  2. If it was too high they put me in wet towels that were wrapped around my chest and at the same time covered me with my blanket.
  3. Sometimes they told me they need to put medication into my anus to bring temperature down.
  4. And I also know that my mom always said I needed to sweat the infect out.

But at this time I was already around 7-8 years because I actually remember what was happening. So I asked myself: Can I do the same with a baby? As it is, nobody was there to ask, there is no information anywhere so I had to decide myself what to do in this situation. But somehow I was uncertain and at the end I just kept him tight to me and made sure that he is drinking. No homespun remedies, no medication. Nothing went wrong fortunately that time. But it could have as I learned with my daughter a few years later who suffered from a febrile convulsion due to fast rising body temperature.

There´s no exact guide to treating a temperature because there are huge differences from child to child and also differences due to the reason of the high temperature. I often asked myself: Shall I cover my child with the blanket or uncover it? It would make sense that temperature drops when he/she is uncovered. But the answer is not that easy: As I learned by now, it is also depending on the gradient of the temperature curve. Is it increasing or decreasing at this moment?

It is unbelievable complex what to do in which case to help your child. So the only advice you get from your pediatrist is to regularly take the temperature and treat it if it gets too high. But this is just not everything you can do!

That is the reason why we developed degree°. Because if you could monitor the body temperature continuously you could exactly see what is happening inside your child. You could immediately recognize if temperature is increasing or decreasing, if it is changing too fast and you also could see what effect a treatment you took really had. With this information you are the king! You can react and adjust because you see the reactions of your childs´body. You will know what to do.

Using degree° to continuously monitor the body temperature of your child, you reduce uncertainty and stress during the time your child has a temperature.


Autor*in / Author

  • Greta Kreuzer

    Greta is Co-Founder and CEO of cosinuss°. She has an economics background and entrepreneurship in her blood. Greta loves sports and and is a promoter of healthy life. She is also a mother of three.