Clinical research training program
March 18 – November 2021
Language: English
Online / Brussels (Belgium)

Decentralised Patient-Centric Trials: From Theory to Practice

Clinical trials are associated with great effort and challenges. Pharmaceutical companies are therefore constantly looking for new patient-centric solutions to improve efficiency in clinical development, better engage clinical trial participants, and reduce development costs. Decentralized studies that apply new technologies and concepts can offer enormous benefits for all study participants. Patients could thus participate in clinical trials remotely and gain access to treatments they might not otherwise have received.

This year, the European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT) is therefore offering a training series on patient-centered, decentralized clinical trials. Our CEO Johannes Kreuzer will be one of the trainers sharing his experience around the use of medical wearables in clinical trials.

Practice-oriented and versatile course program

In this course program (March 18 to November 2021), participants will not only learn from the experts, but will also develop practical solutions together. This will be realized through case studies and workshops, among other things.

Representatives from study participants, trial sites, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities will moderate the various events within the trip. This will ensure that every stakeholder involved in decentralized studies is included in the program to gain a holistic view of the process.

The course content will be dynamic and driven by the community, allowing everyone to have a say in the direction of the courses. The course program will offer a mix of learning techniques: Webinars, presentations, discussions, face-to-face workshops and practical exercises. All aim to provide participants with a practical understanding of new technologies and digital channels and how they can facilitate patient-centered decentralized clinical trials. Alongside this, participants will also be given insights into regulatory processes during this learning journey.

This ECCRT course program is designed for all clinical professionals as well as healthcare professionals interested in patient-centered strategies and decentralized studies (a detailed list is available in this Flyer).

Use of medical wearables in clinical studies

The workshop, led by Johannes Kreuzer, will highlight how medical wearables can be used meaningfully in remote clinical trials. In addition to an overview of existing solutions and their respective strengths and weaknesses, the aspects of data accuracy, quality indices and data security will also be examined. Accurate measurements and data obtained from them play a crucial role, especially for clinical studies. In order to combine theory and practice, the training will be enriched with illustrative use cases in which, among other things, cosinuss° technology has been applied.

The training will take place on May 6 and May 20 at 4 p.m. each day.

More about the ECCRT

ECCRT is a professional training provider for clinical research in Brussels, Belgium. Its goal is to teach clinical research professionals a patient-centered way of working. To this end, participants in the various learning programs are taught skills to develop new therapies for patients faster and more efficiently, without compromising quality. The learning programs are available to an international audience.


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