Earconnect Technology

Health Monitoring Systems for professional and home health use.
Individual Data processing with in-ear wearable solutions.

Illustration of the cosinuss° remote vital signs monitoring system including all hardware and software components and their interfaces.

First Rate Vital Signs based on earconnect

cosinuss° is setting the future standard in mobile vital sign monitoring. The advantages of in-ear measurement lead to a patented technology.

One wearable to measure it all

Real time monitoring and real life behavior are priceless data.
These data are the foundation for every ongoing analysis.

Earconnect technology

Patients and athletes are monitored completely with one single in-ear wearable
  • The Measurement with one in-ear wearable is non-invasive, mobile and cost-efficient. The cosinuss° technology is a convenient way to monitor multiple vital signs at once.
  • The Collection of Multiple Vital Sign Data is all synchronized to one device and one patient. All data can be read and referenced with one glance.
  • Smart Analysis of the data is the foundation of one central knowledge base, which can be displayed directly and understandable.


Patients and athletes are monitored with too many different devices
  • The Measurement with invasive, stationary and expensive devices is immobile and restricting and too many devices are needed to monitor multiple vital signs simultaneously.
  • The Collection of Data differs in numbers and scales and needs to be assembled by hand without the possibility for automatic cross reference.
  • The Expertise to analyze the data might be decentralized and the results are not directly displayed and explained to patients or athletes.

In-Ear vital sign measurement

Measuring vital signs inside the outer ear canal.
In-ear wearables have a high level of acceptance and usability.

Best Blood Supply

The tissue surrounding the ear is very well supplied by blood, which is essential for optical measurement methods.

Proper Tissue Contact

The safe and steady placement inside the ear offers flawless tissue contact for our sensors.

Dark Surrounding

The dark surrounding inside the ear canal is the best environment for our photosensitive diods.

Protected Placement

Inside the ear canal, where our vital sign sensors are placed, they are protected by the ear itself.

Static Movement

The ear as part of the head – and thus the wearable – is always moved merely by your body.

Accepted Wearing

Despite other vital sign monitors, in-ear buds are very accepted and comfortable wearing them over day and night.

In-Ear Wearable Sensors

In-ear wearables will be the future of mobile computing in professional industries like Healthcare, Work Safety and Sports. Effective monitoring and multifunctional use makes cosinuss° an All-In-One Solution.

  • continuous

  • lightweight

  • ergonomic

Professional Monitoring

cosinuss° custom made applications are problem solvers. Automatic event detection can be set up from a central platform. Easily integrated by connecting to API and other services. Combine your raw data foundation to analytic features solving exactly your issue.

  • Automatic event detection

  • Central control platform

  • Multiple user monitoring

Contact cosinuss°

Are you interested in individual solutions for easy vital sign monitoring and outstanding data analysis? Simply using one non-invasive ear bud and full control of your personal knowledge base? Then let us know and get in contact with us today! We are looking forward to help you.

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