Alpine Rescue

In alpine emergency medicine, work is often carried out under extreme climatic conditions. Very low temperatures and strong wind conditions pose special challenges for mountain rescue workers – especially when it comes to recording vital parameters of injured persons and initiating medical measures as efficiently as possible. In addition to external factors, physical reactions (e.g. hypothermia, circulatory arrest) often make measurements of body temperature and other vital signs unreliable and time-consuming.

The vital signs of patients in rescue situations are critical to their survival and recovery. Despite advancements in medical technology, there are still significant gaps in the monitoring of these vital signs, particularly in the case of centralized patients. This is where cosinuss° comes in, filling the white gaps of vital signs monitoring in rescue.

Several studies and testings in simulated as well as real environments were conducted to demonstrate the ability of cosinuss° technology to fill white gaps of vital signs monitoring in the roughest rescue situations. With great success!

The cosinuss° technology is a game-changer for rescue teams, providing a reliable and effective way to monitor vital signs even in the most challenging of situations.

Field Testing

Terrestrial rescue

Avalanche rescue

First aid and transport of patients

In the future, sensors worn in the ear could be used to non-invasively, quickly and reliably record the vital signs of injured persons on site and transmit them to the responsible hospital via mobile data transmission. This remote medical monitoring can enable medically necessary measures to be initiated in a data-supported and much more efficient manner compared to standard techniques.

First Aid


Handover and transfer of patients

Through the research project, the initiators expect a significant gain in knowledge that will have an impact on improving alpine (emergency) medicine. Based on the data and insights gained, a sensor-based technology platform can be created that combines modern performance diagnostics and telemedicine.