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Potential Clients:

Parents with children up to approx. 14 years old


Fever is one of the most common reasons for visiting a pediatrician. But almost as often parents do not get what they are looking for in the pediatric practice: namely support and guidance on how to optimally care for the sick child at home.

When should you do something about fever? Which antipyretic measure is the best? Should I keep my child warm or cool my child? How long does it take for a antipyretic medication to work? And how long does its effect last?

This can be solved by objective data. A measurable signal from the child’s body and the continuous course of the body temperature deliver the needed hard facts. Such information allows parents to better assess the current situation, the development of the fever and the effectiveness of the measures taken.


  • To continuously measure the child’s body temperature during an illness without disturbing the child itself.
  • Objective assessment of the effectiveness of antipyretic measures.
  • Making the right treatment decisions.

Example: The temperature curve shows that the body temperature rises significantly. In this situation it can be helpful to give the little patient some cooling with a calf compress or something similar. The effect of the measure can be seen not only in the child itself but also in the further course of the continuously taken body temperature.

Why the degree° is the right solution:

The degree° infrared ear thermometer is placed in the ear once and can then measure the temperature continuously for up to 5 days without disturbing the child. Due to the continuous infrared measurement the degree° is very precise and shows the trend of the body temperature. A coloured LED on the ear sensor itself gives parents a first rough feedback by means of a colour traffic light. The exact current values and the temperature curve can be read on the user’s mobile device.

How can the use at home look like?

Use for:Monitoring the development of the fever of a sick child
Data collection:degree° infrared in-ear thermometer
Time frame:1 – 5 days, or until complete recovery
Measured vital signs:Core body temperature
Data transfer:The body temperature is measured with the degree° and collected and displayed via the degree° app on the parents’ smartphone. The data can then be exported as a PDF file for the doctor’s visit.
Data analysis:In consultation with the paediatrician or by the parent, using the stored measurements.
Necessary devices:degree° Sensor
degree° App

Findings from the data obtained:

  • Fever curve
  • Duration of fever
  • The effectiveness of the measures taken: time to action, rate of temperature drop and rise, and duration of action
  • Fever behaviour of the child

Technical validity:

  • The degree° complies with IEC 80601-2-56 for clinical thermometers, DIN EN 60601 (safety requirements and ergonomic requirements for medical electrical devices), IEC 62304 (medical software), EN 62366 (usability) and EN 10993 (biocompatibility).


With the degree° you have the temperature of your child always in view. You can give the doctor precise information about the duration, height and time of the fever. In addition, you will gain knowledge about the effectiveness of the fever-reducing measures taken.

The degree° gives you greater control and security with regard to your child’s health.

Potential further areas of application:

Monitoring for Dravet syndrome, monitoring of fevering adults.

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