November 7th, 2019
AOK Nordost
Wilhelmstrasse 1

AOK Nordost knows what is needed in the health sector: The interface between patient and disease therapy shows which technical innovations can improve the health care system. That’s why #eHealthCon enables an intensive exchange with innovators and decision-makers – representatives from politics, industry and the healthcare sector meet start-ups from the healthcare sector.

In the Start-Up Arena, cosinuss° will present the mobile real-time vital parameter measurement with the cosinuss° in-ear sensor to the expert audience in 240 seconds. The cosinuss° technology is an advancement for the health care sector and offers a wide range of applications, such as COPD monitoring, mobile health monitoring, elderly care, early detection of illness and others, with minimal intervention. The sensor in the ear is hardly disturbing for the wearer and offers completely new possibilities to measure and evaluate the vital parameters of the patient. The stage is ours: in the elevator pitch we will convince our audience in 4 minutes why the future of vital parameter measurement lies in the ear.