Elderly Care

For a Self-Determined Life

Support your elderly parents to live in their preferred environment. At home.

Because a self-determined life and autonomy are not just important for you, but for your elderly parents, too. cosinuss° in-ear vital signs sensor and connected health app helps you in caring for and assisting your parents at home. 

How does that work?

cosinuss° in-ear sensor entertains elderly with:

  • Interesting content about whatever they love making (e.g. cooking/baking recipes, knitting guides, gardening tips, you name it)
  • Music streaming, radio, podcasts, audiobooks and telephony
  • Assistance in everyday life (e.g. reminder to close the window when leaving the house)

Additionally, cosinuss° sensor seamlessly monitors:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Body temperature
  • Oxygen saturation of blood
  • Steps, step patterns
  • Acceleration
  • Fall

You and your loved ones decide, who and how much access anyone gets to the data. So you can be sure that you provided for the best care possible.