25th – 26th September 2019
Cambridge, UK

Healthcare Sensor Innovation is a two-day conference that focuses on the latest developments in wearables and sensors for continuous health monitoring. About 30 experts from the pharmaceutical, medical device, materials and electronics industries who develop or apply wearables and sensors in healthcare are invited to speak at the conference. They come from well-known companies such as Henkel, Fraunhofer IISB and Boston Scientific. The host is ID TechEx, a company that offers its customers independent market research, business intelligence and events on new technologies.

Our CEO Johannes Kreuzer is one of the speakers in the Wearables in Healthcare division. In his presentation, he will explain why accuracy, reliability and user-friendliness are decisive for a broad acceptance of health wearables among patients and how these features are ensured in the cosinuss° sensors. He also explains why the auditory canal is the best place to continuously monitor vital signs.