As in the previous year, our CEO, Greta Kreuzer, is again on a list published by Women of Wearables (WoW): In 2018 she already made it to the Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech List. This year the focus of the list was on female top executives in Fem Tech and Health Tech and Greta is back again.

Women of Wearables is a global organization that aims to empower and connect women in the field of wearable tech, fashion tech, smart textiles, IoT, health tech and VR/AR. With more than 20,000 members worldwide, WoW has become a global movement that supports its growing community through events, mentoring, educational programs, and collaborations with a network of local ambassadors and partners. WoW is designed for anyone who is interested in portable technologies and offers women a platform for growth.

The list is intended to draw attention to female founders, female entrepreneurs and female technologists in the Fem Tech and Health Tech sector and to celebrate their far from self-evident successes in a sector dominated by men. The presentation and highlighting of successful women and their achievements should inspire more women to participate in building the global Fem Tech and Health Tech community.

One of the main problems still facing the industry is the lack of female role models, especially investors. This is due to the fact that the majority of investors are men and that technology and medical technology companies are mostly staffed by male executives. And since men are more likely to network with other men, they also invest more in male-dominated start-ups and companies. Venture companies with female investment partners, on the other hand, invest three times as likely in companies with female CEOs. So it is not surprising that female CEOs find it much harder to get investors.

Being the CEO of cosinuss°, Greta makes a not to be underestimated impact as a role model for future leaders in the field of Health Technology. Because the only way to change the industry is to shape it from within. Female role models are needed to eliminate the unequal opportunities for men and women.