One day, the daughter of Greta and Johannes suffered from a viral illness causing fever and suddenly leading to a febrile seizure. Seeing their child getting stiff and blue around the mouth, not being able to help her just holding and talking to her without any reaction was like going through hell. And back again.
Later, in the hospital, Greta asked every physician and pediatrist how she could have seen this coming.
“There is no way for you to see this coming.”, they told her. “Febrile seizures are due to a fast rise in body temperature. You can´t tell just by taking the temperature once in a while.”

Yes, we can do that!
And this was the beginning of degree°.
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  • Greta is Co-Founder and CEO of cosinuss°. She has an economics background and entrepreneurship in her blood. Greta loves sports and and is a promoter of healthy life. She is also a mother of three.