We’re excited to announce that the c-med° alpha by cosinuss° is now available in our online store! This innovative device combines a thermometer and a pulse oximeter to provide accurate and convenient mobile health monitoring.

This first-in-class medical device provides continuous measurements of the core body temperature, the oxygen saturation of the blood and the pulse rate. By combining these three functions in one device, the c-med° alpha enables a very convenient and easy to use way to monitor a person’s health.

The in-ear sensor connects via Bluetooth to the c-med° app, which is free to use and is used to display the data collected by the sensor. The app doesn’t store any data, so your personal health information stays with you.

The c-med° alpha is one of the first products for mobile health monitoring that has received the European medical device regulation certificate, ensuring high safety and performance standards. With its compact and portable design, the c-med° alpha is perfect for mobile monitoring of your health at home. Integrated with existing monitoring systems, it is also a great tool for healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing innovation! Order your c-med° alpha today and experience the convenience and accuracy of mobile health monitoring with cosinuss°.