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Definition: Fast-Track Surgery

Fast-Track surgery is a multimodal approach in which doctors and patients work intensively to make the recovery phase after an operation as less stressful as possible by minimizing external interventions and stimulating the body’s self-regulating forces. A surgery is not an everyday event for the patient, but a stressful situation. The body reacts to this with the release of stress hormones, which can have an unfavourable effect on the healing process.

This is particularly important if previous illnesses such as calcification of the blood vessels, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases or shortness of breath are already present. Fast-Track surgery consists of several components that have to be optimally adapted to each other:

  • Minimally invasive surgical intervention into the organism
  • Reduction of stress
  • Aligned diet
  • Optimal pain treatment
  • Early mobilization

The early mobilization of the patients, if possible already on the day of the surgery, has a crucial importance for the success of the quick recovery of the patients.

Potential Clients:

Hospitals, physiotherapists


To be able to classify as many patients as possible for Fast Track surgery. This means that patients who require continuous monitoring should also be able to benefit from the concept. For this continuous monitoring of vital signs during the mobilization of the Fast Track patients is needed.


Enabling the mobilization of patients and simultaneous, reliable monitoring of as many vital parameters as possible.

Why the c-med° alpha and the Health Platform are the right solutions?

The c-med° alpha is the only wearable sensor that provides four of the five vital parameters, including the body core temperature. The measurements are performed with a single device in the ear. In combination with the cosinuss° Health Platform it is possible to completely interconnect a ward and ensure monitoring and transmission of the vital parameters.

Advantages for the clinic:

  • Location-independent and precise monitoring of vital signs in real situations
  • Non-invasive and mobile measuring method
  • Approved medical device developed according to Gold Standards.
  • Automatic entry of the data into the clinical database.
  • Pseudonymised and data protection-compliant surveys
  • Decentralized communication with test persons
  • Significant cost savings through fewer clinical days for more patients

Benefits for patients:

  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Motivation, feedback and sense of security for the patients
  • Possibility for faster recovery

Further fields of application:

Rehabilitation centers, physiotherapists, elderly care, mobilization & exercise for COPD, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes.

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