It measures four of the five vital parameters continuously and accurately in the ear.

Medical institutions use a variety of different measuring devices and probes to record patients’ vital parameters, i.e. blood pressure cuffs, finger clips for measuring oxygen saturation and thermometers.

Each device provides a snapshot of their measured vital parameters, which are often still manually transcribed into patient files. These monitoring technologies inhibit the mobility of patients, must be used invasively to provide continuous data and cannot be automatically integrated into a monitoring system.

The cosinuss° C-Med enables physicians, emergency services and hospitals to monitor four of the five vital signs wirelessly with only one in-ear sensor. The recorded data is automatically sent to a (mobile) device or fed into a monitoring system of choice (e.g. the cosinuss° LabSystem) where it is conveniently and continuously monitored and processed.

In addition to the seamless measurement of various vital signs in just one device, in-ear monitoring offers clear advantages:

  • The ear canal provides excellent diagnostic blood data when compared to data measured at the finger.
  • In contrast to the finger clip, the C-Med also does not impair blood circulation and this makes it possible to monitor blood oxygen saturation without interruption.
  • The optical in-ear measurements are well protected from light and movement which improves their precision.

Possible hospital applications include pre-, inter- and postoperative monitoring, pre- and postoperative patient mobilization as well as monitoring in special applications, e.g. chronic diseases, sleep apnea, fertility therapy, remote patient monitoring and research.

In-ear blood oxygen measurements offer a particular advantage for patients for whom traditional finger measurement is not optimal. For example, patients experiencing hypothermia or poor blood circulation to the extremities (e.g. shock).

Available vital data from C-Med:
PPG (Green) & PPG (Red/ Infrared)*
position/ acceleration
heart rate
heart rate variability
core body temperature
respiratory rate*
arterial oxygen saturation
personal stress index*
fatigue score*
customer-defined indices*

* in operation with the cosinuss° LabSystem

cosinuss° is a technology company based in Munich that specializes in mobile, real-time monitoring of a wide range of vital parameters. For this purpose, the highly-motivated team develops its own in-ear sensors, mini-computers, algorithms and software. More than 11 years of research and development provide a solid foundation for the company. Numerous patents and medically-certified products (presumably 2020) make cosinuss° a pioneer in the mobile monitoring arena. Core applications include professional e-health care, occupational safety and high-performance sports. With cosinuss°, the ear becomes a central interface in a world of connected and mobile health. Further information can be found at:

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  • Gerrit Schweiger

    B.A. Kommunikationsdesigner und UX/UI Designer mit Schwerpunkt auf Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen. // B.A. Communication Designer and UX/UI Designer with a focus on digitalization in healthcare.