Accurate vital sign monitoring made mobile.

  • One sensor wirelessly monitors four of the five vital parameters
  • Faster recovery thanks to higher patient mobility
  • One system combining Edge and Cloud Computing advantages

Scientific studies reinforce the positive effect of movement on operation outcomes and patient recovery. However, current monitoring technologies hinder patient mobility by severely restricting range of movement. The selective measurement of vital data also inhibits proper rehabilitation.

One wireless sensor monitors four out of five vital signs
The cosinuss° LabSystem enables hospitals to monitor all relevant vital parameters wirelessly with an in-ear sensor. Optimally-matched hardware and software components provide medical-grade precision for monitoring and evaluating patients.

Faster recovery thanks to higher patient mobility
Monitoring remains wireless throughout, thus enabling greater patient mobilisation and comfort. Potential applications in the hospital environment are pre-, intra- and postoperative monitoring, pre- and postoperative patient mobilization as well as sleep apnea supervision.

One system combining Edge and Cloud Computing
The cosinuss° LabSystem includes unique in-ear sensors, the LabClient (mini-computer) and a web application for access to and visualization of vital data.

From Sensor to LabClient to LabServer to Interface

cosinuss° in-ear devices use Edge Computing to calculate several vital parameters directly on the sensor. Smart algorithms on the LabClient or LabServer add additional key indications regarding the patient’s state of health. Thus, the following parameters can be monitored in real time: Arterial oxygen saturation, core body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, personal stress index, fatigue score and other indices defined by the customer.

The LabSystem is the optimal solution for monitoring the vital signs of multiple patients globally and locally. Configurations without a network connection are possible as well.

cosinuss° is a technology company based in Munich that specializes in mobile, real-time monitoring of a wide range of vital parameters. For this purpose, the highly-motivated team develops its own in-ear sensors, mini-computers, algorithms and software. More than 11 years of research and development provide a solid foundation for the company. Numerous patents and medically-certified products (presumably 2020) make cosinuss° a pioneer in the mobile monitoring arena. Core applications include professional e-health care, occupational safety and high-performance sports. With cosinuss°, the ear becomes a central interface in a world of connected and mobile health. Further information can be found at:


  • Gerrit Schweiger

    B.A. Kommunikationsdesigner und UX/UI Designer mit Schwerpunkt auf Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen. // B.A. Communication Designer and UX/UI Designer with a focus on digitalization in healthcare.