The random integration of off-the-shelf sensor technology does turn some ear worn devices into basic wearables but with questionable functionality and data quality. However, in order to fulfill the promises of Artificial Intelligence in health high precision and relevant data is needed. So how can anyone get that?
Accurate vital signs monitoring with wearable sensor technology happens not by chance. It’s quite the contrary: A unique combination  of hardware/software is needed that is synchronized in detail in order to get the highest precisions possible. That’s why we need to overcome fancy design studies and rendered products with real-world figures. And this is what cosinuss° is doing.
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The cosinuss° in-ear sensor technology is engineered to enhance general health by tracking relevant vitals with high definition and by using machine learning algorithms to reveal patterns that help in assessing and managing health. Based on evidence. With over 11 years of research & development and granted patents as well as a strong track record in health, high performance sports and work safety, cosinuss° is the pioneer in in-ear sensor technology.
Tracking and understanding the changes of key vital signs helps people to asses and manage their health and thus also to significantly reduce direct 
costs of chronic and even deadly diseases. Based on this established technology, cosinuss° is able to bring any other in-ear device from entertaining headphones to professional hearing aids to a higher and more relevant level of impact.
We share the vision, that a major part of the ambient computing revolution will take place inside the ear. And cosinuss° will be an indispensable part of it, turning the ear into the stargate to people´s health.
Meet the cosinuss° CEO, Johannes, and listen to his keynote speech at the IDTech Ex Show in Berlin:
IDTechEx – Estrel Convention Center, Berlin Hall A 
April 10th, 2019
12:00 – 12:20 Berlin, Germany
Dr. Johannes Kreuzer, CEO cosinuss°
„About the Needs of an extended workbench of health care centers“
Other speakers in wearable technology will be IDTechEx, Starkey Hearing Technologies and Third Skin wearables.

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  • Greta Kreuzer

    Greta is Co-Founder and CEO of cosinuss°. She has an economics background and entrepreneurship in her blood. Greta loves sports and and is a promoter of healthy life. She is also a mother of three.