AI Data Natives conference, Berlin, Nov. 22nd 2018, 14:10, Room 3.

A conference for the Data-Driven Generation. Because data is part of our new identity. And data is transforming the way we communicate, live, learn and interact. At the Data Natives conference, the data driven community brings together pioneers in AI and Big Data. Everything with focus on health solutions, technologies and other improvements, that are shaping our world.

We are a company generating Data and thus are happy to be part of the Data Natives conference, where we give you some insights into how to get access to relevant and accurate Data and AI in health tech.
Based on the results of the research project EPItect (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research), Dr. Tim Adams will present “AI in HealthTech: Detection of Epileptical seizures based on in ear sensors and Big Data models“.

EPItect is a non-invasive sensor system, which aims to detect epileptic seizures reliably using patterns in digital bio markers. An automatic and reliable detection of seizures plays an important role in determining the correct medication of patients. And it is an immense help for the respective care taker. Digital bio markers are i.e. heart rate, HRV, core body temperature, changes in blood pressure, movements and some related features.

Relevant and accurate health data is the basis for every health insight. However, it is one of the hardest to get ressources in digital health.


  • Johannes Kreuzer

    Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kreuzer is co-founder and CEO of cosinuss°. He studied electronical engineering with the focus on medical electronics at the TUM (Technical University of Munich, Germany).