15-16 May, 2018 | Meet Greta Kreuzer, CEO of cosinuss°, at the European Summit in Brussels, Belgium.

The Internet of Things European Summit is the leading event focusing on the current policy and industry developments affecting the field of the Internet of Things.

The event brings together leading industry stakeholders, including large telcos, hardware manufacturers, software developers, cloud providers, entrepreneurs, consumer advocates and the key decision makers to explore the current IoT ecosystem in Europe, and addresses the impact that IoT will keep having on the European society.


In session 6 (Wed. 16th May, 9:45am), Greta Kreuzer will talk with other panel members from the European Commission, Siemens Healthineers and Norwegian Consumer Council about “Revolutionising a sector – A Focus on Smart Health”.

It is estimated that IoT-enabled Smart Health solutions could deliver savings of €99 billion in the European Union in the years to come. By delivering insights into levels of fitness and levels of clinical care provided, by supporting the remote monitoring of patients, and managing the prevention of diseases more efficiently, IoT can considerably help improving people’s healthcare experience.

Possible Questions :

  • How is IoT being harnessed by the healthcare sector in Europe?
  • What role are wearables devices and smart clothes playing in empowering individuals by motivating them to adopt and sustain positive lifestyles through personalized analysis of their data? What other health-related IoT technologies have emerged and how are these helping to address the urgent need for affordable, accessible care?
  • How is the use of IoT technologies impacting the way in which all players of the supply chain in the health sector operate? What new operating models are emerging?
  • What is the latest thinking around liability and ethics in relation to IoT-generated health data?
  • What progress is being made to ensure security, service continuity, interoperability and standardisation globally across different healthcare IoT applications?

cosinuss° will present our solutions for the digital heathcare sector and how home care devices can improve the wellbeing of patients and non-patients.

Read more about the event here: https://eu-ems.com/summary.asp?event_id=4360&page_id=9472

Autor*in / Author

  • Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kreuzer is co-founder and CEO of cosinuss°. He studied electronical engineering with the focus on medical electronics at the TUM (Technical University of Munich, Germany).