Technology from Munich, Germany is monitoring vitals signs of NASA’s astronauts inside their ear

München, Deutschland / Austin, Texas, 06.03.2018

  • cosinuss° contributes to mobile health monitoring in Space
  • cosinuss° meets up with the NASA’s Space Health Program , called TRISH
  • cosinuss° is the only Start-up from Europe taking part at the SXSW in Austin,Texas

cosinuss° meets up with the TRISH (Translational Research Institute for Space Health), to empower fundamental research into practice to explore personal health in outer space.

cosinuss° is developing the technology and sensors for mobile monitoring of medical vital signs simply using a tiny ear bud. The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is developing innovative approaches to reduce risks to humans on long-duration exploration missions, including NASA’s Journey to Mars.

cosinuss° is being hand picked as the only Start-up out of Europe to attend this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest Interactive Festival 2018). The SXSW is taking place in Austin, Texas, USA, and lasts from March 9 until March 18. It is said to be the most significant Congress for Start-ups worldwide.

cosinuss° is developing the technology and sensors needed for the accurate and mobile monitoring of medically relevant vital signs. This miniature in-ear sensor is measuring the heart  rate, body temperature, blood level oxygen saturation, heart rate variability and blood pressure and various other parameters.

cosinuss° is a young technology company based in Munich, Germany. Founded 2011 by Greta and Johannes Kreuzer cosinuss° is pioneering in continuous monitoring of vital signs with high precision. The first product used in professional sports to monitor performance had it’s market launch in 2016. The second innovation, a continuous fever thermometer especially for kids, is just about to be launched worldwide.

Download this Press Report: 54 million heartbeats on your way to Mars (PDF, 103 KB)