„Please, don’t stop the music… and precise measurement” – Rihanna

As the ‘slightly’ adjusted lyrics of Rihanna’s famous song in the title suggests, we are more than ready to present you an audio version of the One°. This will be together with a prototype of degree° exhibited by our team at the MEDICA 2017, world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry this November.

Between 13th and 16th of November cosinuss° team with our CEO, Johannes Kreuzer, in lead will proudly present ‘fresh-out-of-oven’ version of cosinuss° One. A version that not only provides high-precision vital signs measurement but also delivers all the functionalities of wireless headphones.

Functionalities, such as listening to music streamed via Bluetooth from your device in stereo since a second ear, until now free ear, is fitted with a new module. Or the controlling streaming device via new control component. The added component will allow users to adjust volume, pick-up or decline incoming phone calls without compromising measurements. New functionalities, especially constant transfer of audio data, naturally brought extra load on the battery life of cosinuss° One. Engineers from cosinuss° worked hard and applied most efficient and up-to-date technologies to deliver up to 7 hours of fully functional use time. This is in comparison with no-audio version’s of around 10 hours a great achievement which positions audio-One° among longer lasting devices across this field.

Exhibiting at MEDICA 2017 not only allows us to present new version of One° among hundreds of products and companies but also do the same for degree°, which as a former Kickstarter-born project walked great distance since the beginning of this year. It is currently in full gears and about to hit mass production and later to fill online and offline shelves of exclusive medical oriented resellers and baby stores.