Mobile Gateway (under development)

Receiving and forwarding vital signs data with the Mobile Gateway

Small and powerful: The Mobile Gateway for location-independent use and fast data transmission via mobile communications.

The Mobile Gateway looks like a smartphone on the outside, but inside it is a mini-computer with the powerful cosinuss° Gateway software. This was specially developed for remote monitoring of vital parameters to ensure stable reception and transmission of data. The Mobile Gateway receives data from the in-ear sensors via Bluetooth and forwards it to the cosinuss° Health Platform via available mobile networks (LTE, WiFi).

Connection between cosinuss° sensors and Mobile Gateway

The Mobile Gateway has a Bluetooth interface which can receive vital signs via the standard services as well as high-resolution PPG and raw acceleration data via the custom cosinuss° services. The received data is temporarily stored by the Mobile Gateway and forwarded when a network connection is active.

Connection between Mobile Gateway and cosinuss° Health Platform

The computing capacity of the Mobile Gateway enables real-time forwarding of the measured vital parameters. Data is transmitted to the cosinuss° Health Platform via the mobile network using LTE.

For mobile, independent remote monitoring

If mobile and preferably location-independent remote monitoring of persons is planned, the Mobile Gateway offers significant advantages. The wireless, portable device offers the full range of functions of the Gateway, but can be taken anywhere. With a battery life of at least 12 hours, it is also suitable for longer deployments – whether outdoors or in the home environment. Thanks to its low weight, the Mobile Gateway can be carried close to the body and is thus always within optimal Bluetooth range.

The Mobile Gateway is easy to use: Switch it on at the touch of a button and you’re done. The connection to the sensor and the start of the measurements are done automatically. A status LED provides direct feedback on the connection and transmission status. This means that the Mobile Gateway can also be used by a wide range of users.


  • cosinuss° In-Ear Sensors: cosinuss° One, cosinuss° Two, c-med° alpha
  • cosinuss° Health Platform: Yes
  • Third-party provider: Yes


  • Data input: Bluetooth, custom and standard services
  • Data output: WiFi, cellular

Technical data

Data sheet

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Customer support

Learn, share and build. cosinuss° offers technical documentation and in-person support for a successful integration and user training.

User manual

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