Anja Ippach

I was born on the 01 June 1985. My job is at the same time my vocation. I decided to become a professional triathlete. Originally, I have studied business, but my heart is absolutely with the sport of triathlon. But of course there are other things for me besides the sports. My family and my dog are a great support in life for me.

Achievements 2017

  • 1st place IRONMAN 70.3 Germany 
  • 1st place Challenge Half Italy
  • 2nd place IRONMAN 70.3 Austria
  • 4th place IRONMAN Cozumel

Anja and cosinuss°

I got to know the two founders, Greta and Johannes, at the Rothsee Triathlon in 2015. The product, the cosinuss° One, for me was an innovative solution that would bring me further with my abilities. The chemistry was right between us. Then everything went very fast, and the cooperation was so much fun from the beginning. The cosinuss° One has since then become my constant companion in my training sessions. I have it with me on tour every day. I share my daily experiences with the cosinuss° One, that I collect under a variety of conditions, for the product development. I especially appreciate the high level of comfort and the body temperature measurement.

Therefore I am more then glad to collaborate with my own and limited special edition of cosinuss° One. Neon Pink is the bright eyed and bushy-tailed zest for life that is in me and deep black stands for the hidden forces that need to be awakened. This is also reflected in my daily triathlon training. When it is still dark, I’m already out, but that does not spoil my joy. It’s the opposite, the greater the challenge, the bigger my smile.

Now available in the shop – From me for you!

Anja‘s training secret

„I can move freely – pulse measurement without limitations.“

The ergonomically adjusted ear shape and wireless transmission of cosinuss° One enables an accurate measurement of my heart rate and my body temperature. Without restriction, I can move freely and finally I am not constricted by a chest strap, but have a free breath to achieve high performances. My Triathlon gals and me definitely know that you just want to be without the unpopular chest strap, especially as a woman and when the training is longer today again.

„I know every day how hard I am able to train.“

Every day I have the question of how to create my workout effectively and if I have digested the efforts of yesterday well? My body temperature is, since the cosinuss° One came out, the perfect parameter. If I see strong temperature fluctuations in my values, I know that I just have to train on a lower gear today. It is not the hardest, but the optimal training, that improves you. Especially, the one who is training hard every day has to know, how much to expect of the body.