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Sensor technology for mobile & continuous vital signs monitoring in the ear

In-ear sensors, mini-computers, algorithms and software for the measurement, monitoring and control of individual vital signs remotely.

Together we are shaping the digitization of health care.

Study: Tele-COVID – Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19

A medical team is discussing the remote patient monitoring of Covid-19 patients on their web interface

In a reference study the cosinuss° Remote Vital Signs Monitoring technology offers the essential basis for an early warning solution, primarily for high risk patients of COVID-19.

  • Real-time Vital Signs
  • Early Warning Algorithms
  • Access for healthcare institutions

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The key to personalized medicine is reliable data.
cosinuss° is setting the future standard in mobile vital signs monitoring.

Why Inside The Ear

The outer ear canal is the optimal place to continuously capture relevant health data with high precision.

cross section of the ear

Advantages for vital signs measurements:

  • protected placement 
  • dark surrounding
  • slow movements
  • best blood supply
  • proper tissue contact
  • accepted wearing
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