Innovative heart rate monitoring

Chest strap was yesterday, the °One is tomorrow.

cosinuss° One

cosinuss° One

Strapless heart rate & heart rate variability.

Continuous body temperature monitoring.

That´s the new cosinuss° One!


Plug & Go



Light weight, left or right ear - exactly how you like it



Thanks to earconnectTM and circummission method



With any sports watch, bike computer or app


First in class technology: earconnect™

With the earconnect technology developed by cosinuss°, heart rate and heart rate variability are captured extremely accurately using the new circummission-method; body temperature is measured with a very sensitive thermosresistance element. Calculations of the vital signs are achieved with advanced learning algorithms that were developed and aligned for in-ear measurements. Values are then digitalized and transmitted via standardized transmission protocols to smartphones, smart- and sportswatches or other devices.

One° App

The cosinuss° One app

With the brandnew app from cosinuss°, you not only can track your heart rate and the other usual parameters but also your body temperature. Get new and deeper insights into your performance and know when you should not exercise!

Another key feature of the cosinuss° One app is its ability to make over the air updates to your cosinuss° One device so that your device can stay up to date to the newest features!


Android App Update

Here is the what's new that was added to Google Play:

  • German support
  • Your training session can be shared on your Facebook timeline
  • Device firmware update improved
  • The Bluetooth scanner to connect to your °One lasts longer and can be
    started from the main screen by pressing the sensor icon.

Update iOS & Android März 2016

New features for iOS;

• The sensor's firmware is able to be updated
• The sensor pairing feature has been improved
• The values on the main screen can be highlighted by touching them
• A running session can be paused and resumed
• Activities can be created, edited, deleted and attached to a session
• The heart rate and temperature data can be visualized in a chart (from the history)

The main visible change for the Android User is the signal quality feedback.



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