cosinuss° One – Performance Monitoring

The Mobile Health Solution for Professionals.

The cosinuss° One is a professional fitness tracker monitoring multiple vital signs with stunning accuracy.

  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature
  • 3-D Acceleration
  • Heart rate variability (only in combination with LabSystem)
  • Respiration rate (only in combination with LabSystem)

Inside this small and light ear plug the patented earconnect technology is taking vital sign monitoring to the next level. You can use the cosinuss° One with all devices featuring Bluetooth or ANT+.

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Heart rate & more. Without a chest strap.

The innovative in-ear sensor combines highest precision with ergonomics and comfort.
Heart rate measurements in the ear instead of using a restrictive belt around the chest? This is how it works.

In-Ear Wearable For Easy Vital Signs Monitoring

Easy to wear, skin friendly and multifunctional. That´s what the cosinuss° One is famous for.
Created to be more than a cheststrap. 

Better Breathing

Do you feel like you can’t breathe? A tight chest band around your chest when you’re running is restricting you? Take a deep breath becuase these days are over now! With a lightweight device in your ear nothing will keep you from performing your best anymore.

Free Movement

You rubbed on a scar from the last chest strap you wore? Or you can´t place it correctly because of your anatomy? Don´t worry anymore! We developed a fitting and ergonomic HR monitor for everyone to wear.

I especially appreciate the high level of comfort and the body temperature measurement.

I need an accurate way to determine my performance. The cosinuss °One provides the correct parameters

Ground-breaking Performance

Get hands on with cosinuss° earconnectTM technology. Upgrade your performance tracking and immediately increase your comfort and accuracy. No cheststrap anymore but more & accurate vital signs on your display.

Tomorrow´s Technology Today

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