cosinuss° One – Performance Monitoring

The Mobile Health Solution for Professionals.

The cosinuss° One is a professional fitness tracker monitoring multiple vital signs with stunning accuracy.

  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature
  • 3-D Acceleration

Inside this small and light ear plug the patented earconnect technology is taking vital sign monitoring to the next level. You can use the cosinuss° One with all devices featuring Bluetooth or ANT+.

Heart rate & more. Without a chest strap.

The innovative in-ear sensor combines highest precision with ergonomics and comfort.
Heart rate measurements in the ear instead of using a restrictive belt around the chest? This is how it works.

In-Ear Wearable For Easy Vital Signs Monitoring

Easy to wear, skin friendly and multifunctional. That´s what the cosinuss° One is famous for.
Created to be more than a cheststrap. 

Better Breathing

Do you feel like you can’t breathe? A tight chest band around your chest when you’re running is restricting you? Take a deep breath because these days are over now! With a lightweight device in your ear nothing will keep you from performing your best anymore.

Free Movement

You rubbed on a scar from the last chest strap you wore? Or you can´t place it correctly because of your anatomy? Don´t worry anymore! We developed a fitting and ergonomic HR monitor for everyone to wear.

I especially appreciate the high level of comfort and the body temperature measurement.

I need an accurate way to determine my performance. The cosinuss °One provides the correct parameters

Ground-breaking Performance

Get hands on with cosinuss° earconnectTM technology. Upgrade your performance tracking and immediately increase your comfort and accuracy. No cheststrap anymore but more & accurate vital signs on your display.

Tomorrow´s Technology Today

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