c-med° alpha

Integrate quality rated vital signs streamed from one single in-ear device.

  • Quality rated vital signs

  • Continuous data stream

  • Ease of integration

  • Update possibility

  • Small & lightweight

  • CE class IIa*

Vital Signs

The c-med° alpha is a class IIa* medical measuring device that generates continuous data streams of three important vital signs:

  • Core Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

Two-in-one device

The c-med° alpha is a wearable sensor fusion of two frequently used medical measuring devices: Thermometer + Pulse oximeter.

Technical Specifications

Data you can trust.

Quality rated

Focusing on the generation of reliable data streams, unique algorithms detect and flag invalid sequences in vital signs data. Thus you can see at any time whether a measurement is to be trusted or not. Heart rate and SpO2 are accompanied by their own quality ratings, the Quality and Perfusion, turning mobile vital signs into data for decision making.

Raw data is acquired in the outer ear canal and is then processed on the device itself. The calculated vital signs data is transmitted via Bluetooth 5.0 .

Contact cosinuss°

You are a healthcare provider looking for real-time insights? You are a research organization designing remote studies? Or are you a digital health company developing mobile applications for medical technologies?


Connecting to the Internet of medical things (IoMT).

Wherever and whenever – the vital signs data acquired can be seamlessly integrated into any IT-ecosystem with full transparency allowing you to access, further process and act in real-time.

The Bluetooth standard services offer an easy and safe integration for the data stream including three calculated vital signs and device information needed. With that, the c-med° alpha offers a wireless data transmission of vital signs data in compliance with medical standards. An additional custom Bluetooth service enables advanced characteristics such as high-resolution data streaming and individual device configuration on the fly.


Illustration of the cosinuss° remote vital signs monitoring system including all hardware and software components and their interfaces.

cosinuss° IoMT

A full IoMT infrastructure or parts of it can be provided by cosinuss° as well: The cosinuss° LabSystem consists of a gateway solution, a server, additional analytics, a web interface as well as different standardized interfaces.


Learn, share and build. cosinuss° offers technical documentation and in-person support for a successful integration and user training.

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*Expected Q2 2022