Respiration Rate

Breathing rate is the number of breaths within a unit of time, usually per minute. The normal values for normal respiratory rate depend to a large extent on age. At rest it is about 12 – 18 breaths per minute for an adult. However, the values are individually different and depend on various parameters, such as the state of training. A too fast (tachypnoea) or too slow (bradypnoea) breathing rate can lead to threatening situations.

How does our technology measure?

The algorithm for the breathing rate is new and still in development. But there are already some test shots with quite good results with the reference spirometer.


For all important parameters, extensive studies were carried out in cooperation with renowned partners and were statistically evaluated. Medically approved standard measuring instruments were used as a reference.

Study Management Reference Number of Subjects Data in Hours Mean Error Standard Deviation
TU München spirometer