Real-time Pulse Measurement at Lasertag

The Earconnect technology came to a spectacular use in real-life gaming. For one night there were exciting lasertag tournaments, and real-time pulse measurements included. Pulse rates of up to 200 bpm amazed the gamers.  

As part of the largest founder festival of the world “Bits & Pretzels 2017”, cosinuss° organized a cooperation with Terra Mars Lasertag to enrich the Startup Night in Munich on 25.09 with an event full of action.

The Biofeedback Solution for Action Games

The reliable and patented earconnect™ technology, together with the simple yet highly functional button in the ear, the cosinuss °One, takes biometrics monitoring to a new level.

  • simple and quick to use (Plug ‘n Play)
  • universally applicable
  • Audio headset possible
  • clinically precise
  • inexpensive
  • award-winning design

Lasertag and pulse measurement included

The endurance test was during ‘playing catch with bundled light’ – the literal meaning of the word ‘Lasertag’. Using light rays, the player tries to hit his opponent with light-sensitive sensors on a special vest. On various playing fields with obstacles and hiding places any player can play against anybody or they can play as a team. Tasks such as holding a base or snatching away the opponent’s flag make Lasertag a modern and versatile sport that is a lot of fun.

Concentration, coordination, perseverance, team spirit and planning ability are intensively required. Each round means 15 minutes of pure thrills.

With the in-ear wearable cosinuss °One and the earconnect technology it was possible to implement a precise pulse measurement for this special and dynamic sport. The sensor in the ear does not only fit perfectly to the futuristic outfit of the gamers, but also does not hinder them during movement, breathing and concentration.

Measuring mobile and precise raw data successfully

In addition to the opportunity of bringing earconnect™ technology closer to many people, the event was also a field and endurance test for our technology. The design and handling of the cosinuss °One was confirmed with this challenge.

  • Equip a maximum of 20 players per game in a very short time
  • simple first application of the sensor
  • quick familiarity with the measurement methodology

Technical Implementation

The technical implementation was designed in such a way that it could be made available to everyone without further ado. The raw data of the pulse and body values of the 20 players, which are distributed quickly and constantly over a total playing area of 1000 square meters, were recorded and transmitted to our server architecture via a standard W-Lan network.

With the intelligent monitoring application cosinuss° Lab, we have prepared the data of over 100 avatars and displayed them live for every game and every team, matching the high scores and team colours.

Plug & Play and fun with the game

In an anteroom to the pitch, the players were equipped within a few minutes and personally acquainted with their pulse measurement equipment:

  • In-ear wearable (sensor in ear)
  • Smartphone with W-Lan connection

and their equipment for the Lasertag:

  • ID card
  • sensor vest
  • light guns

During the game, players were able to fully concentrate on their game without restrictions. After leaving the game, the players of the teams could see their individual values:

  • graphical pulse curve
  • pulse values min. /medium/ max.
  • points in the game
  • hit rate
  • etc.

The enthusiasm to see one’s own performance and the strenuous phases of the game through the own pulse rate curve was very great and caused a lot of amusement and astonishment.

Cosinuss °One – the gaming button in the ear

After this event we can now say: Lasertag is a serious sport. Ambitious players can burn more than 1000 kilocalories in five games, which is comparable to a half marathon. To us it was important to express the joy of sport and the reactions in the body in numbers and to visualize them.

The first wave of other games that combine virtual and analog elements is already rolling in. Intensive experiences and maximum involvement of the players is what the games industry has been interested in for quite some time. Biofeedback on the game is only one of the research fields here. Games should be tailored exactly to the gamer and adapt, depending on how the heart rate runs, the brain waves and muscle tension indicate stress, or whether the player is distracted or fully involved.

The highly reliable and patented earconnect™ technology, along with the sensor in the ear, is the perfect add-on for

  • real-life gaming
  • virtual reality glasses
  • gaming professionals
  • gaming live transmissions

For players and spectators, this results in an exciting extra value due to the thrill of seeing  their own vital data. Who keeps a cool head? Who gets stressed by their opponents? earconnect™ and cosinuss° are looking forward to further events and our contributions to immersive gaming experiences in the future.