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  • About us - Headquater in Munich

cosinuss° is the Vital Signs Company

Opening the Stargate to Your Health

All relevant vital signs out of the ear canal — cosinuss° is a high-tech company based in Munich, Germany, that is pioneering in mobile and accurate vital signs monitoring in every day life settings.


Technology, Research and Development

Greta and Johannes founded cosinuss° in September 2011 based on the findings of the PhD work of Johannes, which focused on developing the first wearable medical devices for home use.

Starting in the field of research and enabling technology, cosinuss° provided in the very beginnings research institutions and companies who care about the health of their customers, with enabling technology.

The first consumer product, cosinuss° One, was introduced to the market in mid 2016. The °One is a performance tracker for professional athletes to balance health and performance, health being the critical driver of performance. Since then, it found its way into professional areas of triathlon, Formula 1 racing, sailing, motorsports, fire fighters and swimming.

Greta Kreuzer, Johannes Kreuzer - cosinuss° Gründer

In 2017, cosinuss° started a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch its second consumer product, degree°. degree° is a smart digital fever assistant that continuously measures core body temperature of the child and helps parents making decisions based on it.

Further solutions and enabling technology is in development/available for:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • COPD monitoring
  • Home Health solutions
  • mHealth solutions
  • In-clinic patient monitoring

Our Vision

Empowering people to manage their health and fitness at home.

Providing enabling technology for companies who share our vision and developing own complete solutions for selected health issues.


Enabling Individual mHealth Solutions

cosinuss° builds high precision in-ear sensors that continuously capture relevant vital signs in every day life. Because individual vital signs data is the essential component to create individual health insights. Only accurate data can be the basis of that.

Our Team

Getting things done

We are a team of highly motivated electrical engineers, data scientists, designers and marketers who deeply believe in the great potential of the earconnectTM technology of cosinuss° and who are determined to bring this technology to the people.

Johannes Kreuzer
Johannes KreuzerCEO
An experienced medical engineer, father and guitar fanatic on a mission to use his God-given gifts to help others by creating meaningful things.
Greta Kreuzer
Greta KreuzerCEO
An entrepreneur by heart, mother and perfectionist. Greta loves to create new things and to manage our innovations on- and offline.
Tim Adams
Tim AdamsDevelopment
A scientist by heart, perfectionist and proud father, Tim uses his brains to bring the sensing ability of our devices to perfection.
Leo Lorenz
Leo LorenzConstruction
A passionate electrical engineer with lots of experience that he uses to constantly improve products. Leo is also father, tea drinker and an archer.
Dallida Bentele
Dallida BenteleSupport
She is the right hand. A mother and the high spirits in person with an Italian temperament. You will want to call our support more often just to talk to her.
Gerrit Schweiger
Gerrit SchweigerDesign and Marketing
The Design Guru himself, creating awesome things. Great design, art, food and ease are his passion.
Axel Heinrich
Axel HeinrichData engineer
Axel left Siemens to work for cosinuss°. A Basketball player/trainer at heart, he loves to work in the field of sports & health.
Andrew Parsons
Andrew ParsonsEmbedded Software
Software engineer from the Silicon Valley. A cheery character always on the hunt for fixing Bugs.
Zinaida Todorova
Zinaida TodorovaProcess Engineer
Leading process engineering and quality management to more efficient processes.
Ralph Heim
Ralph HeimMedical engineer
Observance of quality management processes and regulatory affairs of medical wearables.
Thomas Höller
Thomas HöllerElectrical engineer
Thomas is an electrical engineer, fitness lover and pizza and noodles stasher. From South Tyrol, not Italy!
Arian Gohari
Arian GohariApp Developer
Cross platform development in Flutter. The young uncut diamond of app programming.
Clara Piris
Clara PirisData engineer
Working Student responsible for accelerometer analysis, data validation and mediterranean flavour.
Nikolai Orlovius
Nikolai OrloviusSoftware Developer
Working Student responsible for software developing in Python, HTML and JavaScript.
Leonie Adams
Leonie Adams
coming soon
Sophie Wagner
Sophie WagnerMedical engineer
Working student responsible for algorithms and machine learning.
Melanie Baldinger
Melanie BaldingerProject Manager
As a Sport Scientist and Ergonomist Melanie is taking care of all kinds of research projects and scientifc studies. She loves all kinds of sports and being outdoors.
Philip Wallner
Philip WallnerElectrical Engineer
Electrical engineering student working on his masters thesis in the field of machine learning.
Incinur Zellhuber
Incinur ZellhuberBusiness Development
Experimental scientist by training, insatiably curious by nature. Inci loves endurance sports, good coffee and innovative technologies that offer meaningful solutions for health. Now focusing her energy to foster B2B business growth.
Dietmar Bentele
Dietmar BentelePurchase and Sales
Coming soon

Job Offerings

Working Students

We like you to assist us developing a next generation of mobile health wearables.

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We developed a new patented and medically recognized technology using unique algorithms and engineering. Our technology is already in use for wearables in professional sports, medical industry and work safety.


We are working with world-class universities, respected medical centers and health-tech designers to develop the very best in-ear monitoring technology. The cosinuss° technology is already in use in preemptive pediatric clinics, during heart surgeries, in Allied Health Centers and Body Temperature and Fluid Labs.