Earconnect Technology

The first innovatiove and patented vital sign monitoring solution for professional and home health use.

Inside the ear – that’s where the data is

The inner ear canal is the perfect spot for vital sign monitoring via an ear bud.

The tissue surrounding the ear is very well supplied by blood, which is essential for optical measurement methods.

The safe and steady placement inside the ear offers flawless tissue contact for our sensors.

The dark surrounding inside the ear canal is the best environment for our photosensitive diods.

Inside the ear canal, where our vital sign sensors are placed, they are protected by the ear itself.

The ear as part of the head – and thus the wearable-  is always moved merely by your body.

Despite other vital sign monitors, in-ear buds are very accepted and comfortable wearing them over day and night.

Use Cases of today

See the cosinuss° wearables in action featuring earconnect technology.

In-Ear Wearable Sensors

In-ear wearables will be the future of mobile computing in professional industries like Healthcare, Work Safety and Sports. Effective monitoring and multifunctional use makes cosinuss° an All-In-One Solution.

  • continuous

  • lightweight

  • ergonomic

Additional Benefits of In-Ear Wearables

Lab-like Applications

cosinuss° Custom made applications are problem solvers. Automatic event detection can be set up from a central platform. Easily integrated by connecting to API and other services. Combine your raw data foundation to analytic features solving exactly your issue.

  • Automatic Event Detection

  • Central control platform

  • Multiple User Monitoring

Raw Data Reveals Accuracy

cosinuss° is setting the future standard in mobile vital sign monitoring. The advantage of in-ear measurement lead to a patented technology.

Comparing a conventional chest strap with the in-ear wearable cosinuss °One powered with earconnect technology you can see that the mean deviation between both methods is less than 1 bpm. Like never before the patent pending earconnect technology is enabling the non-invasive optical measurement just as precise as the electrical one.

First Rate Vital Signs

cosinuss° is setting the future standard in mobile vital sign monitoring. The advantage of in-ear measurement lead to a patented technology.

eraconnect solution for blood pressure and pulse oxymetry is the Holy Grail for the industry. Nothing less.

Peter Müller - CEO, Customed, Munich

We have been looking for an innovative technology Millenial Mothers would love. We want to move from one-true sales to continuous direct engagement. Your solution is exactly the right approach.

From acopmt 10.000 outposts in China, we are now curating an integrated platform for baby monitoring needs. earconnect seems predestinated for this. Why didn´t BRAUN (my last employer) did not come up with this?

Every year we have fatalities and injuries amongst our over 10.000 workers int he field. earconnect solution to monitor them mobile and in realtime is essential for our needs.

Schneider Electrics, Work Safety Dep., Paris