Project Description

Early detection of epileptic seizures – EPItect

EPItect is a non-invasive sensor system which reliably detects epileptic seizures using patterns in bio signals. An automatic and reliable detection of seizures plays an important role in determining the correct medication of patients and is an immense help for the respective caretakers.

Starting Point

Epileptic seizures often come with considerable risks and can lead to accidents with fatal injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to detect epileptic seizures early enough to apply appropriate safety measures. Moreover, an automatic and reliable seizure detection is fundamental for an effective medication of patients. As no technical solution for detecting seizures is on the market, they are documented by the patients using a hand written protocol. Unfortunately, these protocols are not reliable enough and are prone to errors. The Earconnect Technology from Cosinuss seeks to revolutionize epileptic seizures detection.


  • Automatic seizure detection
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Non-invasive in-ear sensor system
  • Mobile data exchange for selected users
  • Suitability for daily use and high acceptance by patients
  • Compliance with data protection regulations
  • Alarm service and emergency system for critical seizures
  • Improvement of security, self-determination and quality of life


  • Earconnect Technology from Cosinuss is an ideal way of detecting epileptic seizures. The In-Ear sensor technology guarantees a mobile, continuous and accurate measurement of the heart rate. Moreover, it can detect blood pressure variations which also indicate seizures. The In-Ear sensor technology is developed and evaluated in the framework of a medical study according to the guidelines of the medical devices act. The study is divided into multiple stages.

    Stage ONE – Validation

    In the first stage, we continuously record vital parameters of 60 patients in a clinical environment. The patients are also connected to a permanent EEG-Video-Monitoring system, the current gold standard for reliable seizure detection. This enables us to validate the data measured by Earconnect Technology and to develop algorithms for seizure detection based on In-Ear sensor data.

    Stage TWO – Prospective

    In the second stage, the seizure detection algorithms are prospectively tested and validated. 60 patients are integrated in the prospective clinical stage.

    Stage THREE – Field test

    The validation stage is the foundation of the third stage including 120 patients who test the sensor in everyday life. This stage is used to measure the effectiveness of the seizure detection as well as the suitability for daily life and the acceptance by the patients.


  • Until now, 60 patients and over 80 man days of data were collected and validated. First seizure detection algorithms look promising.