Fight it with exercise

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body cannot control the level of sugar in the blood. Worldwide, there are more than 420 mio adults diagnosed with diabetes. In Germany alone, diabetes patients cost health insurance companies €16.1 billion a year.

Diabetes is an incurable disease but affected people can take steps towards a better quality of life.

Diabetes is incurable, however, its course can be influenced. Patients can take steps towards a better quality of life and thus are able to take their health into their hands. How to do that? The best way to begin is to start collecting information in order to better understand the disease and what happens in your body. This understanding will help to motivate and guide you in all other activities. Because you need to change your lifestyle a bit in order to prevent damage from the disease at an early stage: Most importantly, you need to adjust your diet to the needs of your body that result from diabetes. Your physician and nutrition experts can help you find the right diet and way of eating. Your task is to stick to that and if it´s not working to discuss that with your physician. Together, you will find a solution that works for you and your body. Another very important action you can take is exercise. But it should be exercise of the right intensity. Not too much and too hard in order to stay motivated but enough to make progress. Always monitor your blood glucose level during and after your activity.

Why you need to change diet and need exercise? Because diabetes not only causes acute complications like hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia but also accompanying secondary diseases like: Heart attack, stroke, diabetic foot, kidney weakness, retinal damage, erectile dysfunction and loss of performance. The list of possible complications is unfortunately very long.

Weight loss should be a top priority for diabetics. And that is a task everybody can and should do himself. The right diet and exercise and the knowledge about your body and its health parameters are key to manage your health. How to get your health parameters? For that we developed the cosinuss °One. An in-ear sensor that you wear while exercising. The °One continuously monitors your vitals and helps you analyze your performance, stress level and recovery levels.

Train in the best fitness zone!
It is important for diabetics to know their stress limit exactly. As diabetes is usually associated with an overweight condition, the body should be kept fit but not excessively stressed. A healthy weight loss is mostly aimed at. This should only be done in a controlled process.

Suitable for every size!
Chest belts and other heart rate monitors are usually not suitable for diabetics. With a larger body fullness they cannot supply exact values. Ear sensors are the solution for accurate vital data even with a higher body weight.

Accurate data as a basis for fitness and diet apps!
Only with the exact knowledge of the heart rate as a basis can meaningful dietary recommendations be pronounced. The calorie turnover is decisive for a successful weight loss program.

Are you interested in adding more accurate data to your diabetes tracker?

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