Data transmission

Receiving and forwarding vital signs data with the cosinuss° LabGateway

The cosinuss° LabGateway is a small micro-computer developed for remote monitoring of vital parameters.

cosinuss° LabGateway

An optimal connection between the person being measured and their healthcare provider. Controlled, stable and reliable.

The cosinuss° LabGateway is a small micro-computer incorporating a special cosinuss° software which was developed for remote monitoring of vital parameters to ensure stable receiving and transmission of data. The cosinuss° LabGateway receives the data from the in-ear sensor via Bluetooth and forwards it to a telecommunications network, which sends the data to the cosinuss° LabServer.

Connection between cosinuss° sensors and cosinuss° LabGateway

The small cosinuss° LabGateway has a Bluetooth interface which can receive not only vital signs data via the standard services but also the high-resolution PPG raw data via custom cosinuss° services. The data is either temporarily stored by the cosinuss° LabGateway or immediately forwarded if a network connection is active.

Connection of cosinuss° LabGateway and cosinuss° LabServer

The computing capacity of the cosinuss° LabGateway enables real-time forwarding of all data to mobile telecommunications networks. There is additionally the option of a wired LAN connection or the integration of the cosinuss° LabGateway into an existing WiFi. Optionally, the data can also be transferred via LTE or even 5G mobile networks using a SIM stick.

Advantages of using the cosinuss° LabGateway

  • The behavior of the cosinuss° LabGateway, such as measurement intervals, can be configured at any time via the cosinuss° LabServer.
  • The cosinuss° LabGateways receive updates on an ongoing basis.
  • Several cosinuss° LabGateways can be connected to form a mesh network.
  • If a network connection is not possible, the cosinuss° LabGateway has sufficient memory capacity even for longer local offline measurements.
  • Optionally, there is computing capacity for additional signal processing or application of algorithms away from the cosinuss° LabServer.
  • The cosinuss° LabGateway has several options for network connection.
  • All activities of the software are logged and made available transparently which increases traceability.
  • There is no need for mobile phone numbers, location data, user accounts or other data that can be associated with a person’s identity.
  • The monitoring application is not pushed into the background or even disabled by the operating system as it might be the case with a smartphone application.
  • Sleep mode, flight mode or similar device modes that could interfere with Bluetooth receiving or data transmission are excluded.
  • No data from the smartphone operating system is logged and passed on to third parties.

Future development projects

In future, there will be the possibility of configuring the cosinuss° LabGateway as a client computer and thus replacing a cloud server, enabling absolute offline applications on a smaller scale but including data access and visualization.


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