Scientific partner


Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) ranks among the best universities of Europe with outstanding achievements in teaching, research, debate and reflection.

German Sport University Cologne

Science at the German Sport University Cologne has many aspects – sports medicine and health in rehabilitation and prevention involving the future developments in sports.

University clinic Bonn, Epileptology

One of world‘s biggest studies on epileptic seizures is held at the University clinic in Bonn. The projekt EPItect is focusing on the automatic detection and forecast of epileptic seizures.

Application partner


1+ million users are already using StepsApp. StepsApp transforms your smartphone into a unique step counting machine. Now supporting cosinuss° wearables.

Custo med GmbH

Innovative system solutions for cardiovaskular diagnostics and cardiological rehabilitation integrating the cosinuss° technology in medical practice, rehab, clinics and eHealth.

Geratherm Medical AG

Development of innovative products together with cosinuss° for the use in professional diagnostics, temperature management before, during, and after surgery, respiratory and apoplex.


Cardiolyse is an eHealth cloud analytics software company based in London and specialized in analyzing cardiovaskular signals at any time and anywhere working together with cosinuss° wearables.

MedM – Connected Health

MedM is a global technology leader in Connected Health Solutions, offering a comprehensive software platform for rapid deployment of Remote Patient monitoring and mHealth services.

Commercial partner

TITAN Commerce /

Your professional contact person with years of experience in commercialization strategies of international products to the European market.